Therapeutic Interventions is a great place to get yourself back on track. The office manager Megan is awesome. She is very understanding and always willing to work with you if you ever have any issues. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that is looking to get help.

I have been going to Therapeutic Interventions for 3 years now. I slipped away a few times thinking I was ready to maintain without treatment. I felt ashamed to go back but there is no judgment on their end. They welcomed me back and started me back with no issues. Megan, the office manager, is such a sweetheart. She is very easy to talk to and willing to help you out. I highly recommend this place for people trying to get their lives back.

I was a counselor at Therapeutic Interventions for four years. We take pride in the fact that we treat our patients with dignity and compassion. The patients have counseling sessions on a monthly basis but they know that if they need us for anything, we are there for them. The counselors, director and front office manager are the best at what they do. Our director and front office manager not only knows every person who comes in but also about their family and lives. The patients know that they can talk to either one of them at any time and they will do their best to help them. Therapeutic is a unique clinic because of the people who work there. In fact, I am coming out of retirement just to go back to Therapeutic because I miss the people who work there and the patients.

I have been with Therapeutic Interventions, Inc. for 17 years as the Program Director and as a counselor. It has been a wonderful experience seeing the lives of so many people change for the better. A Substance Use Disorder is something that needs a village to change. I like to think of our staff as a part of that village, along with families, friends, and loved ones. Support in whatever role needs to be kind yet have structure and boundaries. That is sometimes the hardest part of recovery for many patients who are active in their substance use. The staff at our clinic are dedicated and supportive individuals who help navigate the patient on their journey.

I have been to a few clinics in the past but never was happy with them. They acted like they didn’t care about me or my treatment. Since I started at Therapeutic Interventions it’s a different story. Everyone treats you with respect and you know they genuinely care. When I didn’t show up for a few days they were calling me to make sure I was ok and that I didn’t overdose and die. I am grateful for this clinic and staff.

We are caring, compassionate nurses who assist patients in their recovery through a harm reduction model using methadone. Through the advisement of our physician and consultation with our counselors, medication management is individualized given the patient’s bio-psycho-social presentation. We utilize tools such as urine drug screens and breathalyzers to hold patients accountable while creating a warm, empathetic, and safe environment.

I have worked here at Therapeutic Interventions Inc. for a little over 7 years. The compassion the staff has for the patients is outstanding. We see our patients as people not just substance abusers. We genuinely care for our patients and their recovery. I have seen many patients turn their lives around and it really makes me proud to know that we helped them achieve that goal.

I was a hot mess when I started Therapeutic Interventions and within a few months, I got my life back on track. I had a few slips throughout the first year but with the help of my counselor and staff I was made aware of my triggers and now I have been clean for 4 years. I appreciate them so much for all they did and still do.


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