Life can be very promising for those living in Elk Grove Village, IL. Located just 20 miles northwest of Chicago, this community of over 33,000 people has much to offer, including good schools, lots of green space, and a prosperous business park. Yet, for some living here, addiction can develop over time, and getting help to break it doesn’t have to be challenging.

For those living in Elk Grove Village, opioid addiction is available through Recovery By Therapeutic Interventions. If you live in this community and are struggling with addiction, we can help you.

The Benefits for Mediation Assisted Heroin Addiction Treatment

For those living in the village and in need of help with opioid or heroin addiction, treatment is available at Recovery By Therapeutic Interventions. Our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is designed to provide you with an effective way to stop using these drugs while engaging in outpatient treatment. In addition, you can live at home while receiving care.

Therapeutic Interventions provide holistic support. For over 20 years, we’ve provided opioid addiction treatment for those in Elk Grove Village. Our approach allows you to get the care you need to finally break addiction.

Low Cost Solutions in Elk Grove Village

Getting opioid addiction treatment is affordable to many. MAT is traditionally a low-cost option for opioid addiction treatment because it allows you to receive therapy while living at home instead of living in a residential treatment center.

Consider that the average cost per week for methadone treatment, a type of MAT, is $126. By comparison, residential treatment programs may be closer to $17,000 per month.

For those with Medicaid or Medicare, treatment is free to you – reach out to us today to learn how we can set up your care. It is possible to get free heroin addiction treatment in Elk Grove Village, IL, through our program using these services if you qualify.

What You Should Know About MAT

MAT is a common treatment option for opioid addiction because it works so well and quickly for many people. It is a controlled route to recovery, though. Medications are provided on a daily basis at the start to help control use. After a bit of time, the temptation wears off, and more medication is prescribed. There is typically no need for detox using MAT – that means you don’t have to feel the pain and anguish of detoxification.

Many people using MAT do not experience withdrawal symptoms. You are not likely to want to use heroin or other opioids. That’s why there’s no need for detox and the ability to live at home.

How to Get Elk Grove Village, IL Heroin Addiction Treatment

Recovery by Therapeutic Interventions offers MAT for people who are ready to stop using heroin or other opioids. We’ve been here to support people facing the extreme risks and cravings that you may be experiencing now. You can live at home in Elk Grove Village and get opioid addiction treatment with us today. Call us now.