Opioid and heroin addiction are very real problems in many parts of the U.S. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that 2 million people are facing this type of addiction, and it’s destroying lives. Yet, the thought of going away for detox and treatment doesn’t seem possible. At Recovery by Therapeutic Interventions offers a solution for those seeking opioid addiction treatment in Glenview, IL. For many, a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) place is the best option.

What is MAT?

Medication-assisted treatment is a type of outpatient treatment program designed to allow you to live at home while receiving the comprehensive care you need. It is a highly effective and holistic method that enables you to get the support necessary to get back to a higher quality of life. Here are some of the benefits.

Lower in cost

Because you do not need to go into a residential treatment program, this heroin addiction treatment in Glenview, IL, is typically a much more affordable option than inpatient care. Inpatient care typically costs $17,000 a month, whereas our programs may be as inexpensive as $126 a week. More so, if you are on Medicare or Medicaid, your treatment is free.

It’s highly effective without disrupting your life

With MAT, you are able to live at home and receive comprehensive care. That means you don’t have to stop working or pull away from your family and friends. Yet, at the same time, you’re not likely to have to worry about withdrawal symptoms or cravings. These are typically well controlled using MAT.

Treatment designed for your needs

Treatment plans with MAT are very flexible. With this method, you’ll take medication that helps to trick your brain into believing you are still using opioids. As a result, your brain stops enjoying the use and, over time, you no longer want to use them. We can provide proper dosing that meets your needs while also eliminating the right that you’ll use too much. Because medications are dispensed daily, it’s almost impossible for that to happen.

Skip detox

You do not have to go away to get treatment in a detox environment. For opioid addiction treatment near Glenview, IL, let our team provide you with access to MAT.

Expect a Highly Reliable Outcome

Many people find significant improvement in their health and wellbeing when using MAT. Some of the core benefits include:

  • Reduction in the risk of overdose
  • A higher likelihood of remaining in treatment
  • Less risk of relapse
  • Less risk of contracting diseases like Hepatitis C and HIV
  • Maintain employment so you can create the future you desire

Our Opioid Use Addiction Treatment in Glenview, IL

Recovery by Therapeutic Interventions can provide you with solutions to your unique needs. With over 20 years of experience, you can depend on us for superior care. We’re located in Rolling Meadows, just a short drive from Glenview. Contact us to get the care that you need today.