Opioid addiction is a life-threatening condition impacting thousands of people each year in Illinois, including in South Barrington. It’s a community just off I-90 that’s home to just over 4,200 people, with a mixture of modern living and country beauty. Yet, for those who live here and face addiction to heroin or other opioids, it’s essential to know there’s help available.

Recovery by Therapeutic Interventions offers holistic care and opioid addiction treatment in South Barrington, IL. If you or your loved one is battling this disease, reach out to us today for help.

Medication Assisted Treatment In South Barrington, IL

In this residential suburban area that’s known to have some of the largest homes in the state, access to opioids, including heroin, is not uncommon. When a person uses opioids on a consistent basis, addiction and dependence develop, often impacting every part of their lives. Even in an affluent community like this, a person may feel unable to get help and may feel stuck facing addiction’s toll.

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) may be a solution for you. There’s no cure for addiction, but AMT may provide you with the resources you need to stop using now and not have to face the impact of detox or withdrawal symptoms when you do so. In South Barrington, IL, opioid and heroin addiction treatment are available to you at Therapeutic Interventions.

Does MAT Actually Work?

MAT provides an opportunity for individuals to live at home while receiving treatment for addiction. It uses medications that help to eliminate the desire to use drugs like heroin – most people do not crave them or feel withdrawal symptoms using them.

There are clear benefits to MAT:

  • There’s a significantly lower risk for overdose.
  • It increases the likelihood that you’ll stay in treatment.
  • It decreases the likelihood that you’ll use opioids again.
  • You can live at home and receive outpatient care, go to work, go to school, or otherwise manage your life.

More so, MAT is a controlled recovery. That is, medications are dispensed daily to individuals to help them ensure they are using just what’s needed. There’s no temptation to use more than prescribed. Over time, with success, most people have no trouble avoiding opioids because they don’t experience withdrawal symptoms.

MAT Is an Affordable Type of Addiction Treatment Program

In South Barrington, IL, opioid and heroin addiction treatment are affordable through MAT for most people. Consider that the average cost for methadone treatment with daily visits during MAT is $126. A residential treatment program may be as much as $17,000 per month.

There is FREE treatment available for opioid addiction for those who qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.

Get Help for Opioid Addiction Now

Recovery by Therapeutic Interventions is a reliable solution. Take the first step by learning more about our holistic care and dedicated professionals who want to see you succeed. We respect what you’re facing and can offer the solutions you need. In South Barrington, IL, opioid and heroin addiction treatment are just a phone call away.